How much will it all cost, you ask?          
 With Student Loan Help Today we give you options. We offer two different payment options.If you are looking to modify your loans the cost would be based on the total amount of all the loans you place in our program.

1k to 10k          $1,495.00  

11k to 20k        $1,995.00

21k to 50k        $2,695.00

51k to 100k      $3,195.00

101k to 150k    $3,695.00

151k to 200k    $4,195.00

201k to 250k    $4,695.00 

251k to 300k    $5,195.00

301k and up     $5,695.00 

If you are looking to settle your student loans you can pay a commission of 7.5% of the loan amount put into the program on each loan settled or you can choose to pay 15% of the amount saved on each loan. 

Will modifying or settling my loans affect my credit score???
Simply stated, yes. To what degree is unknown though.
Will I have to pay taxes on the money that is saved??There is a possibility that the lender will send you a 1099C to pay taxes on the amount the lender has written off. 

Will the accounts that I put in the program still accrue interest and penalties?Yes they will. Though we are often able to get such fees waived we cannot promise this with each and every account in our program.